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Blogging for Money ? Earn Residual Income

Over the past decade, blogging has become a popular activity. While many people have blogs simply to express their thoughts and feelings or to update friends with recent family happenings, some people earn a little bit of money off of their blogs.

Others earn enough residual income to quit their day jobs. So, how do you start blogging for money? What are the things that these successful bloggers do that others have missed? If you are contemplating beginning a blog to earn residual income, use the following tips to get started on the right foot. flavatite.com

1. Develop a vision. In order for a blog to be successful, there must be a plan.
You cannot expect to “fly by the seat of your pants” in the blogging world and earn a significant residual income.

First, you must brainstorm possible topics and find a good niche. A good niche topic for blogging will be specific enough that there is not a lot of competing content already on the web, yet broad enough to contain hundreds of posts relating to the topic. Additionally, it must be interesting to you and a relatively large audience. If you do not care about the topic, your blog will become drudgery for you and it will not be successful. If there are not enough readers, your blog will have limited residual income potential.

2. Create. Once you have determined your niche, you must actually create the blog. You will need to buy a domain name, purchase a web hosting plan, and install a blog platform. Once these technical aspects have been completed, you are now ready to begin building our blog and start earning residual income. flavatite.com

3. Introduce yourself. There are millions of blogs out there, and people want to know who is authoring the blog in order to asses the credibility of the information presented.

Be sure to include information about your educational background and mention your past successes so that people will understand that you have experience and knowledge about the topic. Additionally, load a professional looking photo of yourself so that readers can place your name with a face.

4. Develop a header. The header is an important aspect of your blog because it gives readers a quick summary of your blog’s content. You should also include a short tagline that provokes readers’ interest and curiosity about your niche.

5. Start networking. In the blogging world, shy bloggers rarely succeed. Without getting out and spreading the word about your new site, no one will know that you exist and your blog will most likely fail. One of the best ways introduce yourself and spread the word is to network through other blogs, Find some of the most reputable, popular blogs and comment on their posts. After each comment, be sure to link back to your own blog or your most recent post. This helps get initial traffic flowing to your blog, and as time goes on you should begin to see traffic increase and subscriptions accumulate. flavatite.com

The internet has created countless opportunities for stay at home moms, retirees, and everyone in between to make residual income from home. However, many people fail at their blogging attempts and give up after the first try. Just like every other aspect of life, the key to making residual income on the internet is a desire to succeed and persevering through the bumps along the road. If you are serious about making residual income by blogging, use these tips to get your site up and running and begin your journey.

Making money online can be done by anybody, if you have the right mindset. By following and understanding the simple fundamentals of the internet and applying basic strategies, 6-figure recurring incomes can be generated by anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

Frank Kern – Essentials to list building

All the basic and essentials to list building from Frank Kern. He had so many requests for list building info – he created (later) list control. However this…
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List Building for Beginners | Building A Quality List of Referrals Online

List Building for Beginners http://davidboozer.com Building A Quality List of Referrals Online. List building for beginners is all about building a QUALITY l…

List Building 101

Building a List – the basics

Most business owners have heard that the money is in the list,and this common adage isn’t far from the truth. If you want to make the most of your Internet-based business, a comprehensive client list is the first step. Even those who sign on for joint ventures, as a means of building a list will benefit from these additional techniques.

Check out our tips for building a long and effective customer list for your business. ( and read how to build 10,000 members)

Building a List – Establish Your Credibility

The first step in getting potential customers to provide you with their contact information is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can do this a number of ways, such as public speaking engagements in your area, webinars that customers sign up for, or published articles at a variety of online venues. You can also publish your own how-to guide or e-book on your subject of expertise.


When customers see you as someone they can come to with questions or concerns, they will be more likely to want to develop a relationship with you that involves the exchange of contact information.

Building a List – Offer Freebies

Sometimes you have to sweeten the pot to get customers to give up personal information for the sake of your list building. In a joint venture, this might especially be true as you try to woo customers from one business to the other.

One of the easiest ways to make information sharing more enticing to potential customers is by offering them something for free. You can provide a sample of one of your products, a subscription to your online newsletter or a discount coupon for their first purchase.

When customers feel like they are getting something good from the deal, they will be more likely to relinquish information like email addresses.

Always Use Autoresponders

When your customers do contact you with orders or questions, you don’t want to leave them hanging. Autoresponders are essential to ensure your emails get through to your customers and effective lead capture pages are created. The easiest way is through a reputable autoresponder service, but do your homework before choosing a company, since not all are created equal. Look for the company that has a long history and good reputation, all at a price you can afford.

Build Relationships

Even with all the dynamic tools in the Internet marketing industry today, there is simply no substitute for building good, old-fashioned relationships with customers. Through top-notch service and regular correspondence, you can transform first-time customers into loyal clients in no time.

Keep in mind that those returning customers may also bring new clients to your business through word-of-mouth-advertising, giving these clients even more value to your business. Concentrate your efforts on customer service from the first contact with a customer, and you are much more likely to build a large, effective customer list for your business.

Building a List is essential to the success of any online business today. Even with a joint venture to broaden your prospects, the right techniques in list building will give you a bigger, more effective customer base to boost your profits and your bottom line.

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Jock Tiernan

Do you really need a list

That is the question we are asking – do you need a list

Matt will explain why we consider that you do not need a list to make thousands of dollars in income starting at the bottom and driving upwards at your speed.

To understand how and why we do everything this way


Building your own list or with others

Building your Basic List 


Building a List is one of the easiest, most profitable ways of email marketing. The goal of list building is to attract a large amount of people and get them to join your list. Once on your list you then advertise to them.

The more people on your list, the more people you can advertise to and the more revenue you can make. There is some legitimate money to be made in list building. If you have a decent budget you could look into Opt-in list building.

Building a list with other marketers

That’s where you pay to join into a group of other lists (or merge your list into the group), almost like a coalition of lists all combined with the members splitting the profits. Building your own mega-list from the ground up is considerably more work, but it is more than achievable.

One of the best ways to start building a list is to offer something for free in exchange for them joining the list. Something that seems like a good deal but in reality is something that costs you nothing. Something like a free subscription to your “list building” email newsletter. You do not want to begin pitching the people on your list right away.


To come on so strong is a sure fire way to lose any trust. Spend a few months sending them interesting emails once or twice a week having to due with their interests or your specific niche. These can be articles you have written, spun, gotten from similar newsletters, etc, as long as it is decent information. After a few months you should have gained significant trust with them. You can then proceed to slowly integrate related products into your weekly newsletter.

Make the offers/discounts seem as if they are prizes for them being on the list. They win the ability to buy what you are selling. Keep in mind that for some people no amount of time will remove their skepticism. This is a numbers game; the bigger the list, the more potential buyers

Learn how to successfully build a targeted subscriber list and start making tons of money online. Build your own hungry list of subscribers now! Visit http://www.list-profits-formula.com/ for more information.

Jock Tiernan

Problogger on Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income

Making Money Through Blogging

An easy statement often stated as Blogging for income as per the name of this blog -


One of the areas of concern for us is that there is not enough GOOD reading material with regard to making and income from blogging and making sure that all we do is designed to either get readers to the blog or to build a list of members from that blog .

As stated in an earlier article we read as much as we can get with regard to blogging and here is another in the long list of articles and books – To buy the book hit the links at the base of the video

Buy the book on how to earn an income from blogging

Bloggers Darren Rowse and Chris Garret discuss the challenges of making money through blogging, and their new book Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way

Have a great day – Jock

Succeed in Blogging and Social Media

Succeed in Blogging using the Social Media

In the world of Internet, there is no magic formula that will guarantee success every time when you introduce New Ideas.. but the Internet does provide you with option to try your ideas on the World Wide Web as long as it is of the New Media technology, be it Blogging for income  , Social networking or ebook publishing, Video streaming etc …

Blogging by Millions , Earn By Millions- put the buzz about your ideas to work for you .Whether you are seeking to create a thriving internet business from scratch or finding ways to realize the full potential of your existing business…this book will guides all readers into blogging and it will benefit for those who are still clueless about internet to become fully knowlegable user of latest Social media tools and Blogging techniques

 Blogging for income and resource tips

It offers a good range of useful resource tips and how-to information and advice of interest to anyone looking to start a earning Money Online through blogging and also guide you with a good practical knowledge of the social media tools available so that you can decide which ones to use and how to use them effectively for your social media marketing campaign

It covers most details from blogging to social networking, emailing and tracking of keywords to search engine optimization offering recommendations into successful practice.

Resources for blogging

Its aim is to be a resource book for bloggers of all ages and experience, and will cover the following:

·Generic useful blogging tips

·Website & Blog Design tips

·Affiliate marketing and blog monetization

·Video Logging

·SEO and social search

·Social media and social bookmarking

·Website integrated with Blog for Business blogging

·Shopping Cart

Readers will be introduced some interactive blogs and website which are relatively popular which applied some the techniques introduced in the book to get a direct impression how blog can be integrated into an ecommerce website with shopping cart

This Book provides you tools and resources to implement an online making money program, a chance to try out your new Ideas.

It will also teach you how to make blogging and social media an active part of your marketing program.

Learn how to succeed with Blogging and Social media to develop an integrated , Successful Social media strategy and amplify your current marketing efforts with leveraging with all tools available – social bookmarking, RSS feed, ,podcast, video ,webcasting, photo sharing and more

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List Building 101 — How to build a list FAST

How to start building a list fast

Anyone   who   has   been   in   Internet   marketing   for   any   length   of time   should   already   have   heard   the   saying   “the   money   is   in the   list”.   But   do   you   really   understand   what   it   means?

Building   a   strong,   responsive   list   of   subscribers   who   are actually   interested   in   your   niche   or   topic   is   the   key   to   making solid,   sustainable   profits.   This   is   because   those   people   on   your list   really   are   keen.   They   do   want   to   hear   what   you   have   to say.   And   they   are   interested   in   what   you’re   offering.

In   other   words,   they   join   because   they   recognize   you   can offer   them   value.   This   might   be   value   in   terms   of   education,information,   or   fixing   a   particular   problem   they   might   be facing.   Because   you’re   offering   some   form   of   value,   they’re likely   to   build   trust   in   you,   which   leads   them   to   trusting   the products   you   recommend.   Marketing   research   proves   that most   people   need   to   see   your   marketing   message   an   average of   seven   times   before   they   buy.

Of   course,   if   they’re   on   your   list   and   seeing   your   marketing message   frequently,   this   increases   the   likelihood   of   them becoming   paying   customers.   And   the   end   result   of   this   is more   sales   for   you.

The   key   to   making   all   of   this   happen   is   in   building   a   strong, responsive   list.

This   is   where   far   too   many   newbies   to   Internet   marketing think   it   might   be   a   cool   idea   to   go   out   and   buy   and   already- established   list.   NEVER   fall   for   this.   The   people   on   that   list didn’t   sign   up   for   your   unique   offer,   or   even   for   information from   your   particular   niche,   so   they’re   worthless   to   you.

 Instead,   there   are   lots   of   free   ways   to   build   up   a   strong   list very   quickly.


But   getting   people   to   give   out   their   email   address   in   the   first place   isn’t   always   easy.   People   are   protective   about   their information,   so   they   really   need   a   good   reason   to   subscribe   to your   list.

If   you’re   willing   to   put   in   a   little   time   and   effort,   you   should see   your   work   rewarded   very   well   in   a   short   time.   Before   you know   it,   you’ll   have   a   healthy   list   of   people   who   trust   you   and are   interested   in   the   information   you   give   them.

Are   you   ready   to   get   started - Let’s   get   down   to   business…

Building a list is all part of developing your blog. to get a simple to use and fast to setup blog with reseller rights at 100% commissions go to Our Main site NOW 

Click here to download List Building from Scratch – No optin

Jock Tiernan

2014 Traffic Strategy Pulls 100K Visitors in ONE DAY

Traffic plus Capture Pages should equal sales

Thats what they tell us when we start blogging for income, or at least thats what the majority of bloggers believe.

However the truth really is that Traffic  into a capture page plus conversions = sales (or at least it equals new potential members for future sales.

What we really need is Good Traffic = example of poor traffic

I get between 100 and 120 new members to this blog every 48 hours – the equal of 623 last week on a slow week  with over 221 since Sunday of this week – However are they really traffic ? are they in fact looking at my blog – NO THEY ARE NOT !!

In fact when we did a test email to them on Monday we reached less than 60% of them so we received 243 bounced emails – all of whom have been removed from the members list (along with their various back link benefits) of the remainder less than 120 actually read the emails – (we accept that could have been a poor subject heading  etc etc. So we will be testing again with better option, free goods etc and see what happens.

The main Point is that it is poor traffic unless we give them a reason to read the blog, read our sales literature etc. We understand that so what we do we do to get good traffic – If you watch the video below you may agree with us that this is worth a look at and as we have done logged in for the next 3 videos to see what we can learn from them.

empower 3

Take action now learn about the remainder of the videos and get your own 40,000 visitors

Blogging for Income with Multiple sites

How to blog for income using multiple sites 

The target today is to set you up with multiple sites for a number of products , that will allow you to maximise your SEO education and to provide you with multiple levels of residual income.

What we are all after is to start blogging for income on a daily basis without writing 2 , 6 or 10 blog posts every day .

We all know that the best way to earn a diverse income is to provide your potential clients with options. That’s correct options to buy from you over multiple sources for multiple products. (6 sites for 12 products)

To do this we have used a company and group called Niche Profit Classroom and combined that with the SEO systems we have learned and developed from information provided by Source Wave

Niche Profit Classroom supplied us with the information and the software with regard to Keyword Analysis Coupled with Content Generation .

We then apply the information provided by Source Wave ( we will be adding some of that information to this site in the next 2 weeks) The cost of both programs is about $60 a month however with 5 sites running we are recovering triple that a month from those sites.

In addition to the two sites above we are then using a simple system to promote the traffic direct by using a group called Twice Confirmed Traffic , again we pay for this however having recruited 6 members for which we get paid , we have recruited enough to pay for the costs of that service.

Bottom Line: We are blogging for income using 6 websites (more to come all with 10 pages and a silo system) , we are using 2 main blogs to attract new members and we are getting 100 a week minimum new members per site. (both use silo systems and back link programs) We raise enough from the two programs ( Niche Profit Classroom and Twice Confirmed Traffic) to pay for the two programs. Target was and is to work with these programs with no costs – Done.

By doing this you will then profit from the blogs that you have set up

Remember : Blogging for Income is about being smart

1. Use smart Keywords a both Major Keywords and Minor Keywords

2. Use smart SEO both on page and off page (watch source wave)

3. Advertise all of the sites and all pages on each site on your Social Pages (FB , Twitter, Blogger, etc)

4. Get your back linking program running and drip feeding into your system targeting all of your pages and then your Main Pages.

5. Work out how to get a Video up and running on You Tube or Vimeo and set that up to be Back linked as well

6. Advertise the video on Twice Confirmed Traffic and have that linked back to your site (s)

7. Advertise in the Free Safelists available on the web – Once a week positing with a separate email address for them all to send to. (More on that later)

My comment is to get started today – use your main blog to advertise your two programs – get your members  in to doing the same thing.

Setup your blogs and advertise your products with them on a daily or twice weekly basis

More later – Have some fun.

Jock Tiernan




IPAS2 – Reminder and Updates

IPAS2 – Updates

As discussed in the previous posts – IPAS2 is on the go and here are the latest updates

For those that are not yet Free members of IPAS2 then generate your chances by clicking HERE - enter your data and become a member today

Jock Tiernan

IPAS2 Silver Member

Review all Previous IPAS2 Videos - 

Get into IPAS2 and boost your earning today

Get into IPAS2 and boost your earning today

Its Free to join, get others involved – email your members

Watch the video and Take Action NOW  

101 Plus Ways To Increase Websites Traffic

101 Plus Ways To Increase Websites Traffic?

In this post, I will review how to increase websites traffic. There are various ways to increase your website traffic. I have enlisted the top ways to boost traffic to your website.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Drive traffic to your site from search engine using SEO. Search engine optimization is important to get your website ranking and to gain organic traffic. Read more on how to optimize your website. 

Get #1 Google Rankings

2. Facebook Fan Pages

Create a Facebook Fan Page is a terrific way to promote your website and get tons of traffic all for free. http://www.facebookcom/pages/create.php

3. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is the largest dating website. POF lets you pay for traffic and gain tons of traffic to your website.

4. Create King Content

Create valuable content that is worth for reading and sharing with others.

5. Become An Expert On Your Niche

By writing high quality and informative articles on your niche your visitors will consider you an expert.

6. Join Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking site are a great way to get your webpage noticed. I have enlisted some of my favorite social bookmarking sites.

▪                Twitter

▪                Pinterest

▪                Reddit

▪                Stumble Upon

▪                Delicious

▪                Clipmarks

▪                Diigo

▪                Tweet Meme

▪                Fark

▪                Slash Dot

▪                Friend Feed

▪                Newsvine

Discover how you can master the top 4 lead generating tools:

1. Facebook

2. Pinterest

3. LinkedIn

4. Google +

7. Industry Specific Directories

Have your website listed in the most relevant niche specific industry. I have enlisted my favorite free directories that I currently use.

▪                Worldsiteindex.com

▪                Domaining.In

▪                Webworldindex.com

▪                Searchsight.com

8. Email List

Building an email list is important to increase traffic and revenue. I have enlisted the top email listing sites.

▪                Aweber

▪                Get Response

▪                Mail Chimp

▪                Boomerangs

▪                Jango Mail

▪                Ezine Director

▪                Campaign Monitor

▪                Benchmark Email

▪                Vertical Response

▪                Campaigner

Learn how to build an email list. 

9. Buy Backlinks

Backlinks are also known as incoming links to a website. When buying backlinks is important  to only buy high quality links relevant to your niche. I have compose of my favorite places to purchase backlinks. Buying high quality links will help ensure your site rank higher in less time.

▪                The Hoth

▪                Backlink Booster

▪                Buildmyrank.com

▪                3waylinks.com

▪                Massarticlesubmitter.net

▪                PRWeb.com

▪                Onlywirecom

Get the hottest link building and SEO guide, Click Here!

 10. Email Signature

Include your website address in the footer of each email. This will help promote your website.

11. Drive Traffic To Your Website By Offering A Free Gift. 

Giving away something for free will help drive tailored traffic for your business.

12. Create An App To Drive Traffic

Build a free app to boos traffic to your website. Majority of people use mobile phones than computers this is the reason why is a better way to boost traffic.  Here are 4 websites that provide free services to built an app.

▪                Intro Wizard

▪                Apps Makerstore

▪                Med Imobile

▪                Apps Me

13. Ping Your Site

Increase website traffic simply by pinging. Make sure to use one ping service as a time to avoid been penalized by Google. Here are some of my favorite ping sites.

▪                Google Ping

▪                Pingler

▪                Ping-O-Matic

▪                Bulk Ping

▪                Pig Farm

▪                Feed Shark

▪                Ping My Blog

▪                Ping That Blog

SEO software that helps any site get indexed and back-linked quickly, click here. 

14.  Twitter

Twitter is one of the latest and greatest social media platforms.

15. Ebay 

Ebay has over 60 million active users. Create a free Ebay account and make sure to fill out your about me page. The about me page should include your website address. Majority of customers will view your about me page before buying a product from you. By placing an website address in your Ebay about me page will increase your traffic site.

16. Classified Ads

You can use classified ads to drive means of advertising directly to your website. I have enlisted some of my favorite ads sites.

▪                Craiglist.com

▪                Trovit.com

▪                Backpage.com

▪                Inetgiant.com

▪                Adpost.com

▪                Classifiedforfree.com

▪                Backpage.com

▪                Gumtree.com

▪                Oodle.com

▪                Usfreeads.com

▪                Freeclassifiedstuff.com

▪                Yakaz.com

▪                Epage.com

▪                Recycler.com

▪                Webcosmo.com

▪                Hobbly.com

▪                Olx.com

Automated Classified Ad Software

17. Blog Directories

Blog directories is a great way to gain more exposures and increase targeted traffic. I have composed a list of my favorite blog directories.

▪                Bloggeries

▪                Eation Web Blog Directory

▪                On Top List

▪                Blogged

▪                Blog Search Engine

▪                Blog Universe

▪                Globe of Blogs

▪                Blog Universe

▪                Bloggernity

▪                Bloggapedia

▪                Spill Bean

▪                Blogging Fussion

▪                Blog Flex

▪                Blog Listing

▪                Blogio

▪                Blog Digger

18. Google Indexed

Google webmaster tools send spiders to crawl the web and find sites to index. Google webmaster tool will increase your visibility by submitting and optimizing your website.


19. Create A Newsletter

Creating a newsletter and adding links is an effective way to drive traffic to the website. I have compose some sites where you can create a newsletter.

▪                Carbon Graffiti

▪                Campaign Monitor

▪                Buy Templates

▪                Fresh Templates

▪                Stock Layouts

▪                Microsoft Word Templates

▪                Aweber

▪                Malibu

20.  Google PPC

Google Pay Per Click is a great way to buy and drive traffic to your websites.

21. Google Places

Get your business on Google. Sign up using your Google account and personalize your business information.


22. You Tube PPC

A good place for advertising is YouTube.

Partner With YouTube To Make Money

23. YouTube Video

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine? YouTube is a powerful social media platform that helps you promote your website and services through video marketing.

YouTube auto mass traffic generation software. 

24. Article Marketing 

Article Marketing is a type of advertising in which business write short articles about their services or products. The articles are usually about themselves or company. I have composed some of my favorite companies to submit article marketing.

▪                Ezinearticles

▪                Ehow

▪                Hubpages

▪                Articlesbase

▪                Buzzle

▪                Suite101

Would you like to have your own content robot working for you 24 hours a day? Find out how you can!

25. Join Slideshare

Slideshare is the largest community for sharing power point, office presentations, keynote, and info-graphics.

26. Blog Comments

Blog comments is another great way to increase traffic to your site. Make sure the blog comment is respectful, thoughtful, and the site your visiting is relevant to your niche.

27. Install Google Analytics 

Google analytics is a very useful free tool for tracking site statistics.

28. Google Authorship 

Google authorship is a free tool where you can have your picture appear next to your post. Google authorship will help get your face out there and it also creates a backlink to your website.

29. Press Release 

Writing press releases with embedded links and distributing them across newswire can give you a tremendous amount of traffic. I have enlisted a list of my favorite press release site.

▪                PR.com

▪                OpenPress.com

▪                Free-Press-Release.com

▪                Free-Press-Related-Center.info

▪                24-7PressRelease.com

▪                1888PressRelease.com

▪                PRBuzz.com

▪                PR Compass.com

▪                PR Urgent.com

▪                Express-Press-Release.net

▪                ClickPress.com

▪                PR9.net

▪                EcommWire.com

▪                PRLog.org

▪                I-Newswire.com

▪                PRLeap.com

Mass link Indexing Services.

30. Pay Per Click Ads

Another method of driving traffic to your site is Pay Per Click. Its a method of advertising based on search engines. In order to drive more traffic to your site, you can bid on Keywords relevant to your niche. I have enlisted some of my favorite channels for buying PPC Ads.

▪                Facebook Ads

▪                Google Adwords Ads

▪                Bing Ads

▪                Ad Cash

▪                Has Traffic

▪                7 Search

▪                YouTube Ads

▪                LinkedIn Ads

▪                Yahoo Ads

PPC Keyword Tool

31. Newsletter Signature Page

Make sure to include your Social Media links at the bottom of each newsletter. In the newsletter you should include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ profile and links to your website.

32.  Sponsor

Sponsor a league team to drive traffic to your website.

33. Twitter Bio

Make sure to add your website link to your Twitter Bio. This will help drive additional traffic to your website.

34. LinkedIn Group

Create a LinkedIn Group and use this list to build your business.

The ultimate LinkedIn Training Course

35. LinkedIn Bio

Many people join LinkedIn and forget to fill out the Bio. Include your website URL in the bio.

36.  Sync Linkedin

Connecting your WordPress blog and your LinkedIn account syncs your blog posts with your LinkedIn profile.

37. Bookmark

Bookmarking your post is a great way for people to save links to your website to share with friends or receive repeated customers.

 38. Blog Content

Your blog or website should be updated at least 4 times per week  or daily. Your content should connect with people and encourage them to engage.

39. Scribd

Scribd is the world largest digital document library. Your able to published original writings and documents. The post will need to be covered to Adobe PDFs files.

40. Forum Group

Insert a forum into your website. You can embed a group into your website by using IFrame and specifying the groups URL.

41. Carnival Blog 

Submit an article to Carnival Blog.  The Carnival Blog are always looking for great blog articles.

42. Sitemap 

Sitemap helps search engines better crawl and categorize your site. You can easily create and verify a site map at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/

43. Search Engine Submissions

Submit your site to search engines. Improve your sites visibility  in Google  search results. I highly recommend manually submitting your website pages to the search engines.  I have composed a list of search engines.

▪                Google

▪                Yahoo

▪                Bing

▪                Alta Vista

▪                Lycos

▪                HotBot

▪                Go

▪                Excite

▪                Gigablast

▪                Alexa Internet

Search engine submitter software.

44. Affiliate Marketing

Create an Affiliate Marketing program and pay others to promote your services.

Affiliate Marketing for newbies. 

45. Promotional Items

Anything you give out promotional should have a log and URL emblazoned on them. For example, the pen you give out should include a link to your website.

46. Facebook

Drive more traffic using Facebook. Make sure to post relevant information about your niche to your Facebook page. The biggest mistake you can make is to always add spammy links.

Transform your Facebook account into a recurring income generating asset.  

47. Write Killer Headlines

The most important part of your writing is the headline. Writing killer headlines will make your audience click.

48. Hot Topics

Another approach in driving tons of traffic is writing about the latest trends.

49. Keyword 

Keywords are the most important SEO element for every search engine. I have enlisted some of my favorite tools for Keyword Search.

▪                Keyword Extreme

▪                Google Keyword Tool 

▪                SEM Winner Tool

▪                Keyword Scout

▪                Google Trends

▪                Google Insights

▪                URL Keywords

▪                GoogleKeywords.com

▪                Wordtracker.com

▪                Omniture.com

▪                Keyworddiscovery.com

▪                Clickpath.com

▪                Google Adwords

50. Brand Your URL

URL plates for your car is a great innovative ways of generating traffic to your website. Everyday hundreds of car pass you while driving, stuck in traffic, and so on.

51. Technorati 

Technorati is an Internet Search Engine for searching blogs.

52. Business Cards:

Use business cards to promote your website.  Here are my list of my favorite business cards.

▪                VistaPrint

▪                Moo

▪                GotPrint.net

▪                123 Print

▪                Zazzle

▪                PrintRunner

▪                UPrinting

▪                PrintingHQ

▪                NextDayFlyers

▪                OvernightPrints

54. E-book

If you feel that you do not have the time to write an e-book you buy one. There are site that allow you to buy an e-book and revamp them. Your able to change the title, change the contents, put your name on them as the author, and sell them. I have composed a list of site that you can purchase and revamp.

▪                Master-resale-rights.com

▪                Plrebooks.co.uk

▪                Sally-ebooks.co.uk

▪                Floodle.net

▪                Plrwholesaler.com

The complete guide to profit on Ebooks. 

55.  Joint Venture Partnerships

Using joint venture will boost your web traffic, subscribers, and revenue. The strategy is getting other people to send targeted traffic to your website. I have created a list of owner websites that will review your product.

▪                Payperpost.com

▪                Smorty.com

▪                SocialSpark.com

▪                TextLinkAds.com

▪                Linkworth.com

▪                Loudlaunch.com

▪                Sponsoredreviews.com

▪                Blogsvertise.com

▪                Buyblogreviews.com

Joint Venture Secrets Exposed. 

56. Compatible E-book

Make your e-book compatible for Amazon, Kindle, and Nook. Then sell your be able to sell your e-book. Make sure your E-book has embedded links to drive traffic back to your site. The next step is to find sites to start publishing your book.  I have composed a list of my favorite places where you can sell your e-book.

▪                Amazon

▪                Barnes and Noble

▪                PayHip

▪                Lulu

▪                SmashWords

▪                KoboWritingLife

▪                PubIt

▪                BookTango

▪                EJunkie

▪                Scribd

▪                EbookMall

▪                EbookIt

▪                TradeBit

▪                ClickBank

▪                PayLoadz

▪                PaySpree

▪                Click2Sell

▪                Instabuck

▪                KayTan

▪                Blurb

▪                MyEbook

The complete guide to profit on Ebooks.

57. Comment Area 

Building a community around your company is a great way to generate value in your business. If your using WordPress, I personally recommend Comment Luv Plugin. 

58. Buy Traffic On Micro Sites

Another great technique to buying traffic is hiring a freelance to drive traffic to your website. I have composed some of my favorite places to buy traffic.


▪                Fascinco

▪                JobsForFive

▪                Fiverr

▪                TaskArmy

▪                Tenbux

▪                Gigbucks

▪                Mturk

▪                Dealerr

▪                Sevenstew

▪                Freelancer

▪                jobsfor10

▪                Gighour

59. Twitter Traffic 

Did you know you can buy Twitter traffic? A great technique to sell affiliate products or drive traffic to your site is selling their tweets to advertisers. There are people with over 100,000 followers that you can pay a fee for them to tweet your website or affiliate links. There are various ways to pay for Twitter traffic.

▪                Retweet.it

▪                Twithawk

▪                Adretweet

▪                Fascinco

Auto Mass Traffic Generator.

60.  Hire Outsourcer

If you do not have time to dedicate the necessary time for your blog hire an outsourcer. The outsourcer can help you build traffic by doing certain jobs for you. I have composed a list of sites where you can hire an outsource.

▪                Elance

▪                PeoplePerHour

▪                HireMyMom

▪                Scriptlance

▪                123Employee

▪                ContentDivas

▪                Guru

▪                Onlinejobs.ph

▪                oDesk

▪                vWorker

Activities your outsource can perform are the following:

  1. Traffic Generation
  2. Writing
  3. Content Creation
  4. Web Design
  5. Customer Service
  6. Administrative Tools
  7. Handle All Social Media
  8. Find Joint Venture
  9. And much more…..

 61. RSS Feed

RSS is a vital part of your SEO Strategy. RSS feeds also can be optimized for search engines.  I have compose a list of my  favorite RSS Feeds.

▪                Feedburner

▪                Feedcat

▪                Feedforall

▪                Feedity

▪                Rapidfeeds

▪                Feedblitz

▪                Postrank

▪                JetPack

▪                MadMini

▪                RapidFeeds

▪                RevResponse

▪                Subscribe2

62. Stumble Upon PPC

StumbleUpon pay per click delivers the right traffic directly to your website. Setting up the PPC campaign can be done as little as $10 a day.

63. Facebook Groups

Another great technique to drive traffic to your website is joining Facebook Groups. Find Facebook Groups relevant to your niche and start posting blog content from your website.


64. Newspaper

Using print ads is another effective way to drive traffic. Simply place an ad in the local paper.

65. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is great way to introduced your self to others as an expertise on your niche. Find blogs relevant to your niche and ask them if they are accepting guest blogging. Here is a link that I personally use to find sites allowing guest blogging.


66. Free Incentives

Offering a free incentive is a great way to drive traffic to your website. I personally like giving a free E-book. The free incentive could be anything you like to offer for your audience.

67. ClickBank 

There are 2 unique ways to drive traffic to your ClickBank Page. The first source of traffic will be Affiliate Marketers. The Affiliate Marketers will be stopping at your site to check out your services. The second mass of traffic will be from targeted traffic send by the Affiliate Marketers.

68 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool for analysis traffic on your website. This free tool will help you determine where your traffic comes.


69. Webinars

Webinars is a great way to drive traffic to your website. The reason why I love webinars because they convert better than websites.

70. Flyers

When it comes to driving traffic to your website at times we have to come up with initiative ways. There are companies you can hire which will help you print flyers and distribute them.

71. Website Address

Add your website url every where you go online. Make sure to add the http:// to create a hyper link.

72. Social Media Sites

Have you registered your name in social media sites. There is a site called Namechk  that allows you check the desire username is available.


73. Build Credibility

Building credibility in the beginning can be very hard. To build credibility you must know what your talking about. Be confident and offer your services to everyone. Make sure you sell your services and send them to your website.

74. Stand Out

Stand out from your competition are ways to keep and gain new visitors and build brand awareness.

▪                Get personal with each customer and always reply back to your audience.

▪                Be original from your competition.

▪                Be consistent with your site and keep your word. If you tell your audience you will post every wednesday make sure to follow through.

▪                Solved problems for customer they will love you for it.

▪                Listen to customers needs and wants.

75. Bumper Sticker 

You can create bumper sticker to promote your website.

76. Amazon Pay Per Click

Using pay per click is one of the best methods of increasing your site traffic. Amazon offers PPC advertising to drive targeted traffic to your site.

77. Hire Internet Marketing Firm To Help Drive Traffic To Site

Hiring an expert at times is the easiest ways to drive traffic to a site if you have the funds. I have enlisted the top Internet Marketing Firms.

▪                Increasevisibility.com

▪                Webimax.com

▪                Seop.com

▪                Intrapromote.com

▪                Arteworks.biz

▪                Oneupweb.com

▪                Seoimage.com

▪                Customermagnatism.com

▪                Thinkbigsites.com

▪                Eliteseomarketing.com

▪                First-page-seo.com

▪                Elephant-traffic.com

▪                Peakpositions.com

▪                SEO.com

▪                Webmetro.com

Sometimes investing in a product might be cheaper than hiring an SEO expert. Traffic generator is a great tool to drive massive traffic to your website.

 78. Social Media Buttons

Using social media buttons to share your site is a great way to drive more traffic.

79. Site Description

Write unique effective meta description. The better the description the higher conversion rate.

80. Optimize Images

Optimize the images on your site.

81. Join A Web Ring Group 

82. Podcast

Building traffic with Podcast is one of the hottest crazes over the Internet.

83. Message Board

Adding a message board to your website  will encourage visitors to communicate with you.

84. Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are important for your website usability. The website should have a clear navigation path to make it easier for customers to find your pages. If the visitor finds it difficult to navigate your site they will leave your site.

85. Join Question And Answer Sites

People come to this sites looking for answers. Be the expert and answer their questions. The great thing about this sites it will drive tons of free traffic to your website. I have compose a list of my favorite sites for answer or making questions.

▪                Answers.com

▪                Blurit.com

▪                Anybodyoutthere.com

▪                Funadvice.com

▪                Askville.com

▪                Askmehelpdesk.com

▪                Answerbank.com

▪                Answerly.com

▪                Answerbag.com

▪                Friendfeed.com

▪                Answers.yahoo.com

▪                Ask.com

▪                Allexperts.com

86.  Traffic Exchanges 

Traffic exchange is a website which provides services for the exchange of traffic. Here is a list of sites that offer traffic exchange.

▪                HitLeap.com

▪                10KHits.com

▪                SmileyTraffic.com

▪                247AutoHits.com

▪                AutoSurfPro.com

▪                SimplyAutohits.com

▪                Autosurf365.com

▪                Autosurfmyth.com

▪                Clickevolution.com

▪                Freemillionautosurf.com

▪                Bonus-hits.com

▪                Traffic4dummies.com

▪                MyTrafficPlan.com

 87.  Create MP3

Convert your original content to MP3 to drive more traffic to your websites.

88.  Flyers On Community Boards

Post a flyers on community billboards at local establishments. Here are some examples of common places to place a flyer.

▪                Restaurants

▪                Library

▪                Schools

▪                Town Hall

▪                Laundry mats

89.  Create An App

Developing an app for your website is an inexpensive way to drive more traffic. I have enlisted some of my favorite sites that help you deliver an app.

▪                Appsmakerstore

▪                Appsme

▪                Introwizard

▪                MedImobile

Follow this blueprint to create an app. 

90. Banner Advertising 

Increase targeted traffic using banner advertising. Here are a couple of sites that offer banner advertising services.

▪                1800banners.com

▪                Clicksor.com

▪                Advertise

▪                Buysellads

▪                Adroll

▪                Buyads

91. GroupOn

Post your services or products on GroupOn.

92. Sponsored Social Media Advertising

▪                Sponsored Tweets

▪                Izea

93. Testimonials

Have customers whom has bought your services or product write a testimonial.

94. Speak At Events

When speaking at events make sure to have your website present in the slideshow at all times.

95. Website Speed 

There are free tools that test how fast your website loads. Too slow? You will loose visitors.  Here are some sites where you can test you site speed.

▪                Webpagetest.org

▪                Gtmetrix.com

▪                Tools.pingdom.com

▪                Speedtest.net

96. Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder is a great tool that lets you rub multiple tweeter account 24/7.  Super Tweet

97. Partner Up With Affiliate Marketing

98. Living Social

Place an ad on Living Social on your products or services to get tons of traffic

99. Meet Up

Join Meetup, they helps groups of people with shared interests plan events and facilitates off line group meetings in various localities around the world. You will be able to meet others with the same interest as yourself and they might be able to give your tips on driving traffic.

100. Website Design

Make sure to pick a theme for your site that is attractive and easy to navigate.

Online Web Design Courses

101. Interview

Interview top experts in your field and this will drive tons of traffic.

102. Call To Action

Anytime you post anything have an call to action for example, click here or call now.

103. Interviewing Posting 

Find experts in your field and interview them.

Blogging for an Income online – $100 to $1000 a week

Blogging for an income is the target

This is the target of thousands of bloggers every day and yet most of them fail. WHY?

Blogging for income is not as easy as many think it is as we have shown in previous posts it is damn hard work and yet if you apply 3 simple steps it can be achieved – watching this video takes up to 40 minutes of your life. Some may cheat and cut the corners and simply get involved after 5 – 10 minutes , others will watch all of it and do nothing as usual – those will never make a $$ on the internet, they are doomed to fail.

Taking action is the only answer – watch the video – click on the link below and get going today stop procrastinating- Take Action 

empower 3

Building a Private Blog Network

Blogging for income is only one of the PBN sites.

Yesterday we discussed the methods to be used to get the basic blog up and running, we discussed how to write it, we provided free access to the Word Press videos (training videos) and covered some of the do’s and don’ts

We gave an indication that writing one blog or blog website was easy and of we are truthful it is.

Now we want to discuss how we can use 4 or more blogs to build our own Private Blog Network and what the benefits are .

What is a PBN – Its a group of blogs that can be used for the benefit of the owner or owners to raise their websites in the rankings with Google by references to each other through articles and back links.

The largest one that I am aware of is that owned by Empower Network (we are members) and their 130,000 blog owners.

Diagram of the Private Blog Network (simple version)


Lets assume that you have 4 blogs – all on different host sites ( not going to work if they all have the same IP address.

Blog 1 (Red) you started  6 months ago

Blog 2 (Green) you started 4 months ago

Blog 3 (Blue) you started 3 months ago (getting faster)

Blog 4 (Yellow) you started 3 months ago

Remember these can be full blogs or simply review blogs with 5 – 6 pages – all must have spec for comments to be made and all must have signup forms to join you as members – hopefully you will have a pdf file to give away on the subject for that niche

Project 1 : Commenting

Some may say that commenting on your own blogs is not correct my feelings are go for it – Now you may need to use a different computer/laptop/phone/ipad to do this but I pay someone from Fiverr to do mine and I have a slice of software that also does this in the shape of  Scrapebox.

Leave at least 5 comments a day on each of the other blogs

Example: Blog 1 comments are added to Blog 2,3,4 using 5 different page URL’S

Blog 2 comments are added to Blogs 1,3,4  and so on.

Note: Make sure that your blogs have site maps that are being indexed -

Anchor Text: Try if possible to use them in the comments

Project 2:

At the base of your articles add a link to your other blogs either as a straight link or as a – For further information on – Subject  matter – kindly read our blog at www.linkurl.com

Example -Week One : Blog 1 article refer to blog 2, Bl;go 2 refers to blog 3, blog 3 refers to blog 4 and blog 4 refers to blog 1

Week two – change the linking to Blog 1 to blog 3, blog 3 to blog 2, blog 2 to blog 4 and Blog 4 to 1

Keep changing the linking system around, keep changing the links you use

Now you have 2 Back linking systems in place within your own blogs also remember that you must leave a further link at the base of every article page, video , to the previous article you wrote , this links you internally ( keeps google happy)

By now you have 

1. On page SEO using your links , Keywords,  and anchor text

2. Off page linking using comments, referal links to each of the other blogs, referral links at the base of each article .

All of these can be done as a matter of habit whenever you write an article.

You Now have an interlinking Private Blog Network – now we will discuss how you can add more Link juice internally without a lot of work -

Note: Scrapebox is a great piece of software work only on windows although I use it with Parralels on my mac without any problem and to date have managed to add in excess of 6,000 backlinks in 3 weeks to my blogs. Using Comments, Pingbacks, and I have access to the backlinks used by my nearest competitor (more on that later)

Jock Tiernan


Word Press Blogging and Training Videos

Training Videos for Word Press Blogs

Over the last few months we have provided training videos for a number of our members – we now have over 3,000 members at this site  and to those that are members many thanks, One of the main things we must all remember we are blogging for income .

One of the aims of this site (blogging for income) is to make life easier for the newbie and to provide information to allow and encourage them to get a blog running as soon as they make the decision to do so.

As previously stated we  recommend that members get their system done in a sequence -

Get your Host set up –  and get blogging for income fast!

1. Find you hosting company  and get one that will allow you to add more than one blog to your package, this allows you to add 2 – 3 blogs at one site (and no more) when you have the hosting and we use Three – Digital Pacific (in Australia) Go Daddy and Hostgator

We have bought access to their resale packages as we can in the case of Digital host 10 blogs and the same with Go Daddy -

Why do we use 3 hosts ? we don’t we actually  use 4 as we are members of Empower  Network and host one blog with them at this stage –  however with there new package we are going to be hosting 3 – 4 more in the next month or so – more as website blogs with limited articles and information linked to affiliate sites, than full blown blogs ( note that we can host 4 blogs or more for $25 a month and get paid for sales at %100

My next Blog post in an hours time will explain why we use the four and you will see the benefits.

2. Once you have your host set up and made a decision on the Niche you want to attack – get your Keywords searched Listed and added to your business excel sheet.

Note that we have done articles on the keywords Here and Here

3. Set up your blog and get ready to start blogging for income

 If you  - add your email address below and you will find over 60 videos on how to set up your hosting, your blog and manage the blog. ( download them into your drop box- if you do not have one get a free version here)

Do not get trapped into watching them all at the one time and forget to blog. Get to the start – watch the first few and then add a blog to your hosting – then write the article – then get it published. Then add pictures , backgrounds, headers and all of the remainder of your data – If you read the articles at this site and understand them you will realise that you need to start back linking and advertising from day 1 – 20 minutes after you write your blog.

a. – Social advertising ( twitter, facebook, google+, Tumblr, Only Wire and Social Monkee)

b. Comments you add to other sites – at least 5 a day try using a simple piece of software such as dropmylink.com – all you need to do is search for your keyword and then click on each link – post your blog post article URL and your blog post URL  every second comment you post – go for the full list – EDU , GOV, and then downwards – until you have done them all -

c. Get into Facebook , join at least 5 Groups in your niche , and then post your URL to that group – for every article you write join 5 more  and then start adding posts at the rate of 5 a day (no more- do not upset FB) especially of you have videos on them.

Getting Traffic to your blog

If you follow the basic steps above you will start the climb upwards in the google ranks  slowly and steady is the race not all at once

If you need more backlinks simply go to Fiverr.com and buy them for $5 – for that you can get 1000 backlinks to various sites. again this saves you time , and to be fair it is damn cheap in the beginning and stop you having to have all of the software at $90 – $197 a time

Note: For those of you that are Members at Empower Network in my team contact me and we will place Backlinks for you for the first 3 months until you are in a position to get going on your own.

The Secret of setting up and running a blog

Is to do everything from 2 onwards every second day at least , a rule of thumb is to blog every day – however if you are learning my suggestion is to blog every second day in a 6 day working week – do not work 7 days – Take one day off every week.

Write your blog article – complete your advertising – Rest for an hour and then learn something new – watch a video , on the day off research your next article, research who you will use to monetise your blog and how , listen to a video or audio – do not buy anything for your first 60 days – no software no programs and no bullshit pdf files -

Note: Within 2 weeks – Mid – March we will be adding 50 PDF files on each of the subjects relative to blogging and advertising and SEO for our Empower Network or MOBE members and we will be providing the links for them to help them study, we have paid for all of the pdf files and we will give them away (legally) to our members along with more educational videos.

Hope you have a great day

Enter Your Details for access to the Videos

Previous article to read are Here and Here 

Top Secret Meeting – Feb 20th and 21st

Top Secret meeting on the 20th and 21st February – 9PM EST (USA)World clock to check local Times http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Watch the video for more information – Jock


Blogging for income – tools that we need to use

Still Blogging for income

Right , here we are again and we have been amusing ourselves with the number of paid for tools available for use when we are blogging for an income and the number of FREE TOOLS

Here I am going to deal with the free tools that we use , be aware that some of them are ahead of you the newbie and some you may think you do not need .

super mom banner en

As far as Plugins for use when blogging for an income , you need to consider One thing and whether we like it or not Google controls what we can and can not do – All of your future clients and members will with a few exceptions come through Google searches

So lets deal with these

1. Connect your Google+ to your blog -

2. Use a Google sitemap (free version) and the Google +1 plug in to allow you to gave the g+1 button on your site.

3. Use Akismet – free version to stop the spammers

4. Use a Contact Form (bestwebsoft)

5. Use Social Traffic Magic (low cost not free but allow you to send

An excerpt of every blog you write to your WordPress blog at  and have a back link back to your site

Then you can send an excerpt to Tumblr for the same reason (social backlinks)

Then it sends a excerpt to Blogger – to your designated blog for the same reason

It may allow you to send to Type pad although that is no longer free as is Live Journal – every blog post you make creates 3 backlinks within 10 minutes of you writing it

6. I use VigLink – its a sales site that places sales link in your URL’s to sell products from ebay, amazon and others and pays you direct (paypal) when a sale is made ( its free) This I use along with amazon to sell form the blog if I am not using Adsense

7. WP Robot – this places articles on your site whether they are items such as  -

Amazon Posts  - in your niche (not only does it fill a space it sells something for you – you get paid up to 12% especially of you start getting members.

You Tube videos in your niche (these you have to monitor as they are often crap)

Articles for your niche – again monitor them some are crap and they are all designed to provide others with a back link to their site however you can add VigLink and make the links a sales link for you

They also have access to data from – Clickbank, Ebay, Flickr, Yahoo News, Yahoo Questions,RSS feeds , Twitter feeds, Commission Junction,Shopzilla, OODLE , iTunes, Linkshare, Yelp, Sharesale, and many many more options to assist you with blogging for an income

There are spin writers included that will spin some of the articles for you and ensure that they are 90% new content

7. Amazon  have a few plugins (amazon product in a post plugin) that allow you to add amazon products to your site – the aim of these is to add a product in place of a post that sells in your niche – some of them can be spare parts or accessories for your niche product

Now there are some that state you will sell nothing – bluntly they are talking crap- I added these to my triathlon site , my  Kindle site and my cooking site and sold accessories  on all three and 2 bikes and a outdoor barbecue on the others in the first 2 months with no work.

Plus you get extra posts per week , keeping the site busy and making google search it.

8. JetPack  - again free – however links you with Word Press and assist you in adding your social tabs to your site and then publishes your blog excerpts to your social sites as soon as you finish your blog

This is a must have as you want your posts out there every time you write them. ( add all of your social bookmark sites)

9. Tinymc-advanced is a small plugin that allows you to add excel style goes to your posts and also allows you to add additional type faces to your pots as well as centring the data on your post and more

Not Free :Plugins

Ok on 1 of my sites I use a new product Called Backlink Commander  that costs – however while it does use resources it provides back links for every blog that I have – without covering too much of the information. Its a simple tool that you add the URL’s of every post you write for all of your blogs ( over 2000 posts) and get it to send the information out there every 30 days for indexing. Plus it has a Boost it tab that you can use to add new posts to the back link commander list , and they are all in the list and sent out every 30 days, or you can add it (boost it) and send it then and there , plus 30 days later it goes out again. Consistency – !!

Note – that I use the Backlink Commander on only one site – not all of them and I use the Boost it to add post url’s too it – keep it simple

Thats it for today – keep blogging for an income and you will succeed

Do not forget to read other articles on this site as they have a bearing on what you do and when you do it

Blogging for Income- Keywords and Domains

Merge the Keywords to find the domain- and get blogging for income

There is a lot of talk out and about with the Guru’s that we should ensure that the domain we buy has the keywords – main key word in the domain name

example: Your Niche is about saving your marriage (not yours the guys out there) so getting domain that tells people what your niche is about  is crucial – or is it ?

YES ! YES ! YES! blogging for income today

Your domain name in any business on or off the internet should reflect what your business is about , it should also have your keyword or keywords in the domain name .

So – saving your marriage should be www.savethemarriage.com

It tells you the reader what it is all about – something like marriage assistance. com tell me you want to assist my marriage ? but in what way?

So get the name correct – make it equal to your keywords  - Now before you rush out and buy one – get on the internet and see of their is an old version close to it ! WHY?

Type in the domain you want and see if someone has it – let google tell you .  Great no one has it – so now go and find old domains -

HINT: If you are ever stuck for a new niche look at these old domains
I grabbed one the other day and am putting it up online next week, it was for a skin disorder and it has 3478 backlinks and is over 10 years old.  How much work does it take to check the backlinks and make sure thy are real ( get this software item from Matt Woodward and it allowed me to check all of my backlinks – it costs – however its worth it – try this HERE)

Out of the 3478 goal over 2400 were still active, that would take me at least 3 months to get going – and how much $$$$

However I digress – chase the old domains – and see of they match in anyway what you want and consider the value – that one cost me $29.95 in total.

Try these domain sales places (type it into google and check for more) REMEMBER .COM IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT.

Using .net or .info  if you are providing information are great, using .org if you are orginization ,  .mobi if you are dealing with mobile platforms or phones,  using .biz if you are using it as a business such as developingyourgarden.biz ( as a niche)

Try – Domain Market place 
Try –  Afternic 
Try - Name.com 
Try – American Registry 
The best for me to date has been the expired domain registry

The point here is that you need to get a domain, so why not take the time to check what is out there secondhand and secondhand is good with  a PR (page Rank) Backlinks and old traffic systems that may be in place (some owners buy 12 months worth and use 5 and get out why not benefit from that error.

So : We now have a list of keywords – we have selected a new or old domain name – and we have decided if we are going to use adsense (high traffic keywords) or develop a niche (medium traffic , low levels of competition, cheap to buy if you want PayPer Click or Adsense of you are buying clicks. – NOW WHAT?

Write the articles – First Job is to write the main article , the one that you believe is your key sales article – not your capture page or company sales page but your top article about the niche or product you are selling.

If you write it in 2 parts – people stay on your site longer and move to the second page, – if you ad an image with a pretty border – they stay longer.  If you write it and include a video they stay longer , if you add some statistics they will read longer .

Be sute to write it with on page SEO -

1. Links to your main sales or capture page
2. Use of the anchor text for that
3. Using Bold letters, italics, underlined  keywords ,
4. Using all Capitals for the Keywords , and then capitals at the front of each word , or exclamation marks at either end of the KW
5. Use the keywords in the heading and Sub headings (H1,H2,H3)

When you have written the top article (part 1 and 2) start on the first article for the rest of the blog, remember we are blogging for income, and the aim is to make money easy.

At the end of this day you should have either 2 articles with a part 1 and 2 in one article making it three or three articles  all with on page SEO and images and videos

Point to consider - if you talk /write about a video and have it on another page – say a video page (with other videos on it as well) mention the video with the link at the bottom of the article they will move pages and stay longer.!!

Load up Article one and two – or part one and two and launch the site – this assumes that you have loaded word press, come to grips with the method of running it and got it looking OK – Launch it today

This has taken you 2 to 3 days from start to finish – and you have your own blog running and you are now blogging for income.

Do not forget to read articles written before this on Keywords both Manual and Software driven – They are Article 1  - Article 2

Read also what we think about makingmoneyeasy

Remember that the best blogging platform is one that has all, the SEO and the simplicity and the income generation system inbuilt 

Keywords using the software

Keywords are the key to your business

In the previous article we discussed the use of keywords and how they effected your business, how they alone can make or break you on the internet.

Writing blogs with great information is not enough 

You can write great  information and fill in the correct on page SEO for your blog and not get anywhere – if you are not using the correct keywords in your backlinks and marketing.

Let me remind you that we consider using two types of keywords based on whether we are trying to get traffic for adsense and vigil or where you are using the keywords in your blog to rank on google and others to get you traffic through members and readers.

So here is part two of the last video and in this we talk about using software to do the same job as we discussed – the software is part of the package that comes with Niche Profit  Classroom and remembering that you get out free for 30 days and then you pay or send it back. Get your blogs and websites running early

Go Get the Niche Profit Classroom now – click the button

empower 3


Jock Tiernan – Hit Like , send this to a mate – get excited

Life is great- have a good day – rock on 2014

Look to article before this on manually getting your keywords and why they are important ( silo’s at work)

Developing your Keywords and then your domain

Developing keywords and the domain

Over the last few months I have spent a large amount of monies developing my knowledge about a range of subjects from the SEO required to write a blog , to the SEO required to ACTUALLY raise a blog or website from 70,millionth on the web upwards to 7 millionth and now getting into the thousands -

Cost of learning to use Keywords

It has taken 9 months and close to 4,000 aud to get here – and I am probably only half way there.  If you want to get better at it then you need to watch the videos , read the material and act on it , in some cases you need to buy the software to develop your keywords and blog and to see what and how it works to better understand what you need to do

I have watched 13 videos on how to get keywords for my products of those 50% were rubbish. The other 50% had some great content and facts. Of the top 2 or 3 and the decision is not final there were a couple of stand outs – one was the  One cent FB guy from Singapore

The other was the owners of Source Wave Mr Becker and friends whose take on SEO is vastly different to marketers as they get million dollar clients and write their SEO for them and monitor it for hundreds of $$ a day – the next in line is the guys from Niche Profit Class who are working and using Adsense and use that to make residual income from their websites and blogs by the thousands a month, and last but not least was or should I say still is Mathew Woodward who I rate highly both as a marketer and for SEO and Keyword analysis

I use 3 pieces of software for keyword  analysis  and I use them to back each other and recheck the data from each. These are used by various marketers around the web, they are ProfitX , Niche Profit Class, and Google – and the take on Google by SEOZEN another gear product

Keyword analysis – What does it all mean?

You have to decide one of two things that will apply to your website or blog  - and they are crucial ( some days I still question this)

1. Do you want traffic to allow you to share in residual from adsense and the like  - you need clicks to get paid by both adsense and by viglink – the bottom line is do you want part of the traffic created by using the top 4 keywords where there is a lot of competition  to pass through your website , sell a few products and get most of the revenue from adsense – doing it this was you pick the top keywords and apply them to your site – note top keywords in your niche with the top search volume per month with the least amount of competition. (not always the top search volume – if the top volume searched keyword at 300,000 searches past $1.10c per click – and the  5th best is 120,000 searches at $8.00 a click which one do you want ) -

If you average 10,000  searches from the first KW – at a click rate of 1 in 20 ( 500 clicks) you get lets say 30 cents – you earn $150

If you average 5,000 searches from the second KW – at a click rate of 1 in 20 ( 250 clicks) you get lets say $1.10c per click – you earn $275

Now get going with the websites and the more 4 page sites or even 1 page sites you have the more revenue you get providing you drive the traffic to it as we outline in the traffic and backlinks articles on this site. So doing that relies on you driving traffic – not leads, not buyers but pure traffic (subject of another article on another day)

2. The other method is to decide that you want to rank for keywords that are medium competition to lower competition keywords and write a blog about your niche using those keywords.  A simpler task especially of you use  silo’s to establish your blog and website ( more on silo’s and blogs backing websites later) and sell products or give products away to get building a list of clients to sell your products too ( products relative to your niche

( A niche without a product to sell is worthless )

Lets look at the video – it last 60 minutes and is all about Keywords and getting the domain. So get a coffee and come back

 I use both now and am trying to get results across the board based on the type of product/niche we are developing.

If you are looking to spend some funds to develop a system that allows you to grow monthly then do not go past the Niche Profit Classrooms – all of the software, education and nothing to pay up front – get in , get involved,  get sites up and running and then pay

Go here for Niche Profit Classrooms

Jock Tiernan

I still do it both ways – by hand and using software – check and double check 

 Do not forget to read the next article on the same Keyword system done by software 

How to build an income earning blog

Building your income earning blog

Ok we have assumed that you did not opt for either the $25 a month Empower network made for you blog – with mobile blogging and video and images built in so here we are This is the first video in the series of 17 that will get you started in developing your own blog and earning an income Lets check on 4 or 5 items first

1. Have you decided what you subject matter is ( this is called a niche  in the land of internet marketing) – Yes or No?

2. Have you done all of your keywords for your niche – if not do not start this and go and read my blog post and explanation on selecting Keywords for you niche at ………

3. Have you selected your website domain name based on the keywords or the main keyword that you want to use – Yes or No  if you have not done so then when you go to keywords use them to help select your domain name – ( article at …..)

4. Have you selected you website host – Get a cheap name and cheap host with a CPANEL – try these FOR THE names 

a. Cheap hosting that we use is Go Daddy – currently 50% off go HERE  FOR THE HOSTING - they allow you to use more than 1 domain with each hosting and that will benefit you .

b. Getting the correct domain name for your site is important So we now assume you have them all from 1 to 4 a and b – so go watch the first video and we will upload the next in the next article

Remember from the day you start the first blog you must understand the use of Header 1 or H1 tags – Header 2 H2 tags and the Header 3 or H3 tags – again look at the blogs under writing a blog to get an understanding of how to write the first blog

Jock Tiernan


Building your First Blog

Building your first blog

I am not yet and expert on building blogs, the fact that I have 8 does not mean anything.

Key to building a blog is TO GET IT OUT THERE !

Set up your blog - get the first part done fast – do not hang about  , why do we say that , a blog is what you want to write about , its how you feel about any given subject, it is Yours and yes you want people to read it however the article or page that you write today will be at the bottom of the list next month , next week, next year. Only Google will read it.

The them for your blog – make it simple to start even using a word press them – this is one of them. You can change themes next week , next month and so on.

If you want a simple blog platform and are prepared to pay $25 a month for the lot including the Search Engine Optimization, ( more on this later) access to a large network of bloggers and some education then use the Empower Network blogging platform – for that go here , ignore the hype videos and simple get going, with them you could be blogging in an hour .

If you want to get your blog on a paid blogging platform then I suggest you watch all of the videos – for them go HERE and download them all to your computer , watch them and follow them (There are 50+ videos)

If you are after a free platform go to blogger.com – its not great and you will move away from it in the future as you can not really earn any income from it . Plus you will need one for backlinks and to use any google product so you may as well get an account with google today and we will explain why over the next few weeks.

Empower and Word press blogs help you to earn an income , blogger is damn painful.

Notes for your first Blog

1. Decide what you want to blog about

2. Research the information unless you know it all

3. Blogging platform (either of the three methods)

4. Ask questions, follow the videos, read the educational data and of you want to email me through my contact form.

Have a great Day – Get started , write your first post, get it out there and then build on it and your knowledge.

Jock Tiernan




Building the list

Building a list is the priority

Today we started building a list – No thats not true it started 4 weeks ago and we wanted to find a way to do it simple.

So we opened our blogs up to members – we have 1900 signed up and now we need to find out how many are real and how many are bullshit simply to get backlinks.

I have no doubt that from 1900 we will only get about 100 – however that is 100 more than we had a month ago or even yesterday -

What do we have to give away – We actually have a great brand new piece of software that was put together by Matthew Woodward

Here is His blog
Vote for Award Winning Internet Marketing Blog – Matthew Woodward in the UK Blog Awards
This guy is damn smart – the software is downloadable here 

This software is  a rank cracker – yes that is what it says on the site and the link – what does it do (it works only on windows or using parallels on my Mac)

Basically and in short – If you could find and copy the backlinks of your best competitor would you do it – YES  you would  WHY?

Because its not cheating its copying and the internet tells us daily to follow those that are making money – more money than you !!

So here is back link checker – I am going to write to all of my 1900 members and see how many get here – how many emails bounce and how many are real.

Have a great day – Oh we have added a new contact form for you and we have added a new PDF file on list building for you to download for free as well -( Go Here) pass this on to whoever you want too – the more the merrier

Jock Tiernan

Still blogging for an income

Blogging for an income

Firstly to the 15 people that read the last blog item done on the 23rd , thanks. It never stops to amaze me that we write and article and expect people to read it without doing anything to advertise it .

So this weeks blog post , written article, rant will be advertised and put out there .

One of the things we have realised over the last 45 days is that what ever you do and whatever you write you need to get it out and about through either the social media system (pinterest, twitter, google+, facebook) or at least one of the social media dispensers that are available to you  iftt or scoop or one of them.

When we first started Blogging for income


When I first started blogging online – to read the first attempts go HERE

When we first started we joined 30+ social groups, twitter and Facebook, oh and pinterest (even of they claim its for the ladies)

We tried to send data out daily and weekly and all we ended up with was huge amounts of rubbish being dumped onto my facebook , in fact at one stage through lack of knowledge we had 5 copies of every item or article written ending up on facebook.

So what do we do now – well we have a facebook account for me and my family , limited friends , no likes and no marketing from it.

Then we have another FB at Jock.Tiernan.9 that has 5 pages running from it that advertises each of the blogs – this ensures that we only get the relevant articles, advertising and images/videos on the correct pages . They cover our various niche’s in the

Triathlon Sports Niche
Dinner Recipes (Bread and Soup) Niche
Golf Online Sales – about golf Niche 
How to play Disc Golf – Niche 
and one for this blog 

Over the next 2 weeks we will add pages for the new niche sites we have set up but only after Adsense gives us the go ahead ( if they ever get off their backside and accept my request – they are not the hardest working group on the net

So – why that many pages – because we have that many blogs and sales area’s – it keeps them separate and relevant to only the product you are backing or selling -

Moral: One main FB setup and as many pages as you have products or blogs or niche’s – You never know when you will get around to selling into facebook properly.

So what will we be doing to advertise this blog in the next few days?

I have been reading data on the SEO systems by Source Wave from Alex Becker – a kid who knows his stuff and actually delivers. In conjunction with this I have been following for a long time a guy by the name of Mathew Woodward (Licorne) – and two others in the shape of Niche Profits class ( a great system for building fast 4 page review sites for selling specific products, adding adsense to and making an income over the long term. and allow me to use dotcomsecretsx for further development

Advert- Free Item – Here is a free piece of software that will blow your mind download at  MATHEW WOODWARDS site – Free 

So we are developing a 30 day planned program that follows every niche or blog we set up – in that period we are required to advertise our niche sites and blog sites using at least

1. Click here to visit Licorne Solutions.- which is a multi site piece of software that when I found it blew my mind as it is 5 + advertising/backlink systems in one with both scrapers and submitters in the one system – the results are staggering so far!

2. Niche Profit Classroom - that allows me to set up 1 page sites and 4 page review sites in a day or less and they are the group that started me with the 30 day process

3. Spin Rewriter - we use this for spinning up to 3 to 50 articles and descriptions for the advertising process  however only last week we realised that one of our sites that has 276 backlinks actually came for the spin rewriter submission program and we were able to track and trace all of them from the report that provided – all for pennies

What is the 30 day program – well it is not finalised but the first 7 days is hard and fast and here it is in short (it is available at the Niche Classroom site)

Previous week – write the page/blog/website/

Day 1: write 1 article and submit it to exinearticles.com or ezinemark.com

Day 1: Send your site details to at least 2 Web 2.0 directories

Day 1: Start a new website or web page by doing the Keywords and register the new domain based on those Keywords

Day 2:  Write another article and submit it

Day 2: Submit your data to 2 web 2.0 directories

By now those of you using the Licorne will have realised that you can do all of this except the new website with Licorne on a drip feed basis over 21 days

Day 3:  Write some articles for your new website (at least the home page)

Day 3: Submit to 2 – web directories . Create at least 3 Forum posts in new forums adding your profile and using links from your site , with Each profile advertising ( 2 with home pages and 1 with another main page URL)

Day 4: Submit your data to 2 web 2.0 directories

Day 4: Submit at least 2 articles to Goarticles.com and Pubarticles.com linking to your home page and one other in both by using your Bio

Day 5: Submit your data to 2 web 2.0 directories

Day 5: Create 3 more web2.0 Profiles linking to home page and one other main page.

Day 5: Write 3 more articles for your website , Build the site using  Niche profits Press – and publish it to the web and leave it alone.

(I actually ping the site that day along with all the other sites and all of the pages – Licorne will do that for you)

Day 6: Submit your data to 2 web 2.0 directories

Day 6: Repeat Day 5 by writing 3 articles (spinning them) and submit them to go article, pub articles and In my case 300 – 800 sites using Spin rewriter submission program.

Day 7: Yes - Submit your data to 2 web 2.0 directories

Day 7: Yes – Set up 2 more web 2.0 directories profiles with links to your home page and a second page again

The remainder of the month will be repeats of this days – however next week we are doing everything for 2 websites – so we do week 1 for one site and week 2 for the other – and we build another niche site.

A point to consider – this site lis pinged avery time a new post is added , It has the Social Traffic Magic backlinks system that promotes the blog to 4 other blog sites in WordPress, Tumblr, type pad, Blogger and Livejournal it does that with the click of one button  as soon as the post is complete I can get that away  ( 4 backlinks)

I also send it to twitter, Facebook, and a few other social bookmarking sites – within 24 hours they are done, I also scoop it and that goes out to other social sites along with Google+

Plus we have now as of today added this site to our Licorne Software and that will be going out tonight – Target is to get 200 backlinks per post .

Remind me to talk about adding Tiers of backlinks and also how to use Blog silo’s to get extra backlinks and views and google to search 30 extra keywords per blog post!

Well its a word count of 1211 so I am writing off for the day back in a few – lets see how many readers this one gets – last one was 15

Blogging for an Income

Why do we blog for income

There are many that state blogging for an income is viable and will earn you thousands of dollars a week or a month – Well thats bullshit!

There are even more bloggers out there that state everyone can make money blogging and guess what – thats bullshit too. In 2013 there were 70,000,000 Blogs – in fact this blog until today had 1200 articles and was crap, it was listed as blog number 12, 385,789 on the google and whoever else lists – so it was crap – It had 13 backlinks ( more later) and really crap content- so I started all over again and have 13 backlinks for over 6 months of learning-

My other blog started 2 months ago has 756 backlinks – I am getting smarter daily.

Do you want a simple easy to use Blogging platform (click me)

Back to why do we blog

  • You can write a blog
  • You can add really great content
  • You can blog about damn near anything you want

In fact you can blog about anything you want there is no one to stop you except the police and some government departments if they do not like your content, no wikileaks !!

You can blog about anything its just that google may not give you any benefit – if they do not like you, and you do not have the correct Search Engine Optimization you are stuffed and in my case if you are an aussie your stuffed

Its true you can BLOG about anything you want daily , weekly, monthly , whenever you like, but without readers your blog is just a waste of money and time, – yours 


So how do you make money blogging

You can write about what you want , you can even buy good content and use it legally, you can buy content and spin it (more on that later) you can even steal good content and spin it or not, however you can get done for copying without permission – but only if someone reads it or tracks it (the copy police = Google) or the owner tracks you down and hunts you!

The big problem with blogging  is this !!

Writing good content is the Key – even if you pay someone to write it for you – thats legal and saves you time and there are plenty of good writers out there who will write an article for $5 -$10  (Fiverr)

  • You could even write one a month yourself and then buy 3 -
  • You could write one and obtain 2 and get another written for you
  • You could join one tot the many article posters and get them to send articles to you (more on that later)
  • You could write half and add a video from you tube
  • You could ask some friends for great tips on your subject and write them up in your blog

There are dozens of ways to write the blog and get it down but you need an audience -

How to get an audience for your blogging efforts

Before we start on this little topic lets also consider the big two topics for the next 2 – 5 articles I will write.

Target Number 1

1. You need to build a list – Yes they all tell you that you need a list of people to sell your product too, some may call this your audience , its not,!!! you need to attract their names and email addresses , or telephone numbers to make them a List member.

Target Number 2

2. You need something to sell before you can make money from your blogging , and yes you can get money through adsense, and other advertising groups however what are you going to sell to make a living – will it be a product to do with your main subject ( we call this your Niche) – Remembering their are companies that provide product for you to sell for them, and make a crap commission at 7 -10%. (Clicksure, Clickbank , Amazon and others)

Plus – You need a product in your niche to give away for Free – WHY?

Why else will people who read you blog give you their name and address, or email or phone numbers. – It must be Free ! in return for their details .

Well we have done 600+ words and we are off for the night and back again in 48 hours – and yes there are questions for you

1. Why do we have the words Blogging, Blog, bloggers  highlighted in bold, in italics, and underlined – These are Keywords that we are using to attract google to give us a better ranking

2. Why do we have at least on of those Keywords in the Heading of the article, the subject of the article, and the three sub-headings of this article – Because they attract google when they search this blog

3. Why have I put links into the article pointing to Fiverr, amazon, click bank, click sure, and Adsense – Well I am an affiliate (person who sells on behalf of one or more of those companies and I get paid if you join them from my link )

4. Why do we have an advert in the middle – well thats my blogging platform and method of making money at 100% commissions

5. Why do we have the image in the article – Google loves them and if you click it , well it goes to my blogging platform. (you can also use video as we will do next week to get the same results.

Also Google likes to think I know what I am talking/writing about and this shows that I do – (even if I don’t)

Ok – I have helped you now help me if you can – oh forty one leaving a comment with the correct name and email address I will send you all of the top 53 videos from wordpress about how to set up a blog for Free – Thats a fact!!

1. Leave a comment and if you want too your link to your website/blog (your back link)

2. Facebook it, twitter it, Like it and help me keep Google happy with my Social bookmarking – we all need help

I hope this has helped and over the next few weeks we will be adding more of what I have learned -

Jock Tiernan