Optin Lists and Using an Auto Responder

Autoresponders and Automating your Client Lists

To make blogging for income or any online business successful we must automate as many of the processes as possible in fact when you decide to work from home to earn an income you will need auto responders.

It follows then that you must automate as much of all of your business processes if you are to make the most with the least amount of work and cost as possible

Automation takes care of repetitive tasks that can eat into valuable time.

Autoresponders are automatic

Autoresponders are automatic by definition but they still require some tweaking to run smoothly. There is no autoresponder that can run out of the box and do everything that you may require.

Given below are some common tweaks you should implement.

  • Create a ‘follow up’ sequence of emails with offers, freebies and great advice that are relevant to the incentive you gave in the opt-in form. These need to be done in advance starting with 1 or 2 and then add more over time (refer to setting up messages in the next post)
  • The messages in your autoresponder must be concise and precise. Do not use fancy language and long winded messages. Whatever you wish to say, say it quickly concise, and in your personal language or method of speaking.
  • Make sure that your email format is not too robotic. Avoid words like “free” in the subject line. Keep minimal amount of images in the content, avoid them altogether if possible. Use plain text otherwise your emails will automatically be sent to the junk folder.

I hope this explains to you just some of the sheer power of autoresponders, if you are just starting out in business the very first thing I would say to you is “start your opt-in list now”, and make sure you use a reliable service like GetResponse ( we will show you later why we use GR as they have both the Auto – responders and Capture pages  all in the one package)

What is an Optin List 

An opt-in list is not merely a marketing technique but it is a tool for increasing your web publicity through the oldest method of recommendation – ‘word of mouth’.

Loyal customers are bound to tell others about you when you inform them of a special discount sale or new product launch.

An opt-in list allows you to work on customer relationships by staying in constant touch with them. It is a good way of retaining existing customers because everyone knows that keeping old customers is easier than making new ones.

Lets face it whatever your role on the internet Old customers have a lower sales resistance and are glad to purchase things from you again. This does not mean that you stop work on getting new customers. That of course continues but the opt-in list makes sure your existing customers are not left behind. (opt in list indicates that the client has chosen to join your list and as such has opted in to the list of his or her choice- remember that they can opt out at any time as well)

You may use an opt-in list to send newsletters, inform your clients  about new developments, new products, send them offers and so on. Most people who sign up for an opt-in list are aware that they are going to receive some information periodically. Do not overdo this bit or they will send your mail to their spam folder. ( One to two mails per week or offers for new products would be normal)

Clients are also not really interested in joining opt-in lists because of spam issues. This is why you must keep your ‘privacy policy’ clear and also offer a ‘freebie’ to get them to sign up. The key thing here is ‘free’. Everyone likes something for free and you can offer something in exchange for their name and email address.  ( The more often you have a giveaway the more often you confirm they are reading your mails and that there email address and details are correct)

An opt-in list is called so because the user is choosing to receive mail from a website. Only those users that willingly leave their email address will receive mail so there is no question of spam here. No one can be included in the opt-in list without their consent. In order to ensure that only real people are joining your list you can choose the double opt-in method. In this case a confirmation email is sent at the address provided and the user has to click a link to confirm willingness to receive emails. This way both parties are protected.

There are many free services on the Internet that allow you to set up an opt-in list and also manage it for sending newsletters and other information. The only problem may be that a free service will not allow the sort of customizability that you need. Another concern is that a third party service could shut down at any time without notice taking away a highly valuable list with it.
Therefore, I would not recommend you use a free autoresponder, remember, the list you build will end up your most valuable traffic tool and it may well be with you for life, so start off with a good quality professional autoresponder.

Autoresponder Services

The best option is to use a professional auto responder service such as Getresponse  Some of the features provided by these services include confirmation emails, personalized emails and newsletters, follow up emails, individual broadcast messages, and more importantly Get Response now has a Capture Page system eliminating the need for external programs again a cost saving exercise

In addittion Get Response has the facility to assist you in developing your list numbers with optin clients suitable for the niche or niches that you are working with.

Developing your Lists 

We have outlined earlier that Get Response can assist you with adding members to your lists, when they are added the first thing you need to do is to provide them with a Free Products (ebooks, capture forms, email messages – something that they can use) before you start selling them on your systems.

In addition Get response has the built in Capture Page program where you can in conjunction with their Contact Forms set up an offer to the web for one of your products, these type of forms can also be added to your blogs ( widget area of the blog) very easily again adding to your opt in list..

Autoresponder services allow you to integrate a form in your website pages so that the look and feel remains the same. In fact, the design of the page where you place the opt-in box is going to make a huge difference in how many people actually subscribe. The sole purpose of the opt-in page is to get the visitors to join your list, this means the design and copy of the page must be convincing. Do not be tempted to place ads or any other links away from the opt-in page as this would result in a loss in subscribers.

I would recommend you get a professionally designed capture or opt-in page, otherwise known as a ‘squeeze page’ from Get Response 



Remember to include incentives for anyone who visits this page, all you need to do is promise and deliver valuable and useful content for all subscribes and that should do the trick.

It is a good idea to include un-subscribe details in every email you send, most autoresponders automatically include this in all outgoing emails this not only conforms with government requirements but shows that you are an honest merchant and someone they want to deal with

There will be more on both Optin Lists, Capture Forms and on page web forms later in this training.

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