The Most Up-to-date iPAS2 Review

In this posting I’m going to describe what exactly iPAS 2 is and also how you could use it to develop

your network marketing business or other business you need to build on the net. Let’s review

just what the iPAS 2 system is:


iPAS 2 is what you would normally call  a “funded offer.”

It is a marketing method that can be used to build any business you would like. What’s so important to

understand about this system is that you can actually make a profit with it before you introduce anyone

to your primary business. This is crucial for constructing a successful online biz and provides you with

what could be up to SIX income earning methods

What is ipas2

The initial product is what’s called a “trip-wire” item.

This is designed to present your prospects to how they may make money online at a low cost rate to even

as an trial offer.

Because the product is so affordable, the conversion rates can be as high as 15% on the front-end. Ever

wondered why the top internet marketers are always making BIG money using their business’s? this is why.

The trip wire product is listed at $7. You could expect about 8-15 % revenue at $7 for  every 100 visitors

you can the sales page. This may typically cover your advertising charges. Lets face it tripwires are not

designed to be included in any of your real time commissions they are there to attract your client and

get them on your lists


The 2nd product is valued at $47 a month.

This system is educational teaching them more advanced methods of creating their business and scaling

up advertising and marketing.

If you’ve never had success before, Here’s where it gets exciting for you: You could expect as much as 30%

of the people who bought the $7 item to go on and get the $47.

From this you can earn up to 50 to 70% commissions on a monthly basis and it takes 2 of your members

to buy in and you are squared with the system given that your costs for the upsell are zero.

It is here that the fun begins – we use Empower Network as our main source of income – WHY? it has

several levels of income that you can aspire too over time


This is precisely why the iPAS 2 advertising method was made.

To many people have been struggling to make any income. this is due to the fact that they are advised to

promote their primary business or product.

If you continue to go down that path, you can only expect 1 sale for every 100 visitors you get to your

website. You are never going to produce a revenue with that particular model and it inhibits your sales



iPAS2 the next level.

Now, it get’s even better. Inside the iPAS 2 system there is a  $97 product. This is where you start to earn

a good monthly income and where you start to get the major benefit of the iPAS2 SYSTEM

This is where you earn the income to pay for your high ticket products assuming you want to go further .

We use this to fund the next 3 stages of EN (Empower Network)

Remembering that you have paid for your advertising costs and you are earning 50 to 70% commissions

(more on that later)


To Date:

By this stage you have as an example put 200 people through your system ( a supplied capture page(s) –

converted 15% for the trial product – if you get that rate you can afford to spend $0.85c per lead

You now have 30 new members – and the auto responder system kicks in and expense of $15 a month-

and send emails every day along with your posts to them about seminars and giving them Free ebooks

and information.  (Giving them Value)

Of those thirty you should convert at least  10 members – into the $97 per month range  giving you a

minimum of $47 in commissions up to $63 (more on that later)

Now you are earning $470 a month less your $97 – gives you $373 a month less the cost of your auto

responder (Leaves $358) in each month plus the 15 x $24 a month = $360 less your costs $47

You would be earning a minimum of $671a month having only recruited the 200 to look at your capture page.


Second Month recruiting – 

You second month follows the first (or second week – your choice) – lets work on months – By the end

of month 4 (or later depending on the conversion timings) you would be in a position to double your

income plus $144 as you would not be paying for your access twice-


Month 2 – you are in a position to earn $1486  a month


WHAT DOES THE $97 GET YOU – Call Managers is the answer. Call Managers who are paid from your

$97 to ring your clients for you to upgrade them into in our case the Empower Network Program

Now the great part start where you are in a position to buy into the full Empower Network program, extend

your monthly commissions by  5 further levels – As you rise up the levels in Empower Network the levels of

commissions for your IPAS2 members increases up to the 70% mark.

Lets sum up

You bought 400 hits to your site at a cost (that depends on your sources and this is something that is discussed

in length within the iPAS2 program for you.

400 Hits – 15% opted into your system = 60 members

30% of those 60 (18 members) opted for the monthly plan at $47 ($32 comm)

50% of those opted into the $97 level – ($72 comm) x 9 members

Of those 9 it is normal to have 3 to 5 opt into the full program where commissions of $1000, $3,000 and

$5000 are available along with further monthly payment


Points to Consider

1. Do you want to go further into the full program or stay with the iPAS2 side of the program and sell your

clients – into your main product your way

2. Do you simply want to recruit the clients into iPAS2 and leave it at that and earn monthly –

All of these calculations can be done inside the iPAS2 program on the calculator provided

The decision on what you do is yours-

join now

 Jock Tiernan

PS: Please note that these figures are not what you will earn they are an indication of what you may

earn if your follow through with everything you need to do and achieve the Marketing required

It is all down to you to read the marketing educational data and follow it


Here’s the list of 25 FREE WAYS To Get Traffic To Your Website

1) Write articles. Use your URL in the signature line. Submit to article directories.

2) – Sign up, browse sites and you move up ranking. It does require time, but you go through sites and others go through yours.

3) – same as #2

4) Create a blog with, write valuable content and post your links. It has to be more than just blog post of stuff.. you have to write as you, join communities (there’s lots of blogging communities and fun things to do to help promote), and put your personality into it.

5) Create Youtube videos and add your link somewhere in description or at the end of the video
(or maybe even during on one of those annotations?) – lots of viral stuff out there you can maybe latch onto.

6) – Find someone who can do a blast of your link to their Twitter, FB, or LinkedIn (not free but let’s not nit-pick).

7) Provide content and authenticity on social media accounts, add your link every now and then.

8) Comment on blogs. This is usually used to increase SEO for domains, but you can use this for posting your URL. Leave valuable, thoughtful comments! This can also lead to #10

9) Document sharing.  There’s 20 sites to get you started. Upload your blog posts? Articles? and link back to your site.

10) Guest posting on blogs. Some blog owners you might develop a relationship with.. or at least be on friendly terms.. and if you have a blog as well, perhaps the two of you could swap posts. Guest post for a guest post. Or go here:

11) Write an ebook and give it away. Have something to share? Write an ebook! Put your link alllllll through the thing if you want to. Or just at the beginning and the end. Add to ebook directories. Be target specific.. heck, you can even write about your journey to making money online.

12) Join forums, put your link in the signature line. provide value and interest in the community. But don’t join a cat forum and expect to get a lot of hits on your “make money at home” site. They’re there for cats.

13) Do mini-tutorials. It could be on anything you think you’re good at.

14) I’m not sure if you can still do Yahoo Answers and add your link – worth a shot.

15) Be a podcast guest.. they usually provide links on their website afterwards. Heck, maybe even the host will sign up.. wouldn’t that be a hoot?

16) Warriorforum – and NOT for posting your affiliate link. This is for getting ideas. Lots of FREE stuff in there that may strike a chord with you.

17) Find a good classifieds, that get’s a decent amount of visitors (not necessarily craigslist, there are a bunch more). And post a couple ads a day in major cities and etc. If you are targeting money makers online, you might want to post under the jobs section. Freebies are good for freebies section, basically find where to post.

18) Join Facebook Groups in your niche – provide help and content. Got a blog? Make sure your link is in it.

19) Join LinkedIn Groups in your niche – provide help and content. Post one of your blog posts.. or ask a question. Make connections.

20) Add your link to your social media profiles – Create new ones if you want but you have to post on them to be active and gather new connections.

21) “Like” people’s comments on Facebook pages related to your niche.. you can like a lot pretty quickly and maybe they’ll go to your profile and check you out. Is your link there?

22) – HUGE amount of ad swapping and solo ads, lots of freebies in there.

23) SIGNATURES! What a big source of free clicks – use banners if you can for forums.

24) Write press releases.. add them to directories. — they allow videos, pictures, and more to be added to your release.

25) You know that ebook? Why not add it on coupon sites?

These are courtesy of Suzanne from ESS – Thanks

Jock Tiernan

Blogging can be a means of earning an income online 

As a Blogger one meets many, numerous challenges when he or she is starting. Among the very first barriers is locating a particular niche and get right into it. You have actually been spoken to again and again concerning ways to discover the niche (instances include keyword phrase study, investigating fads and so on) However does one simply start by having a generalised blog or a particular niche blog site.










If you are just starting I would propose that you check the waters in your blog. In short have the topic of your blog site or the name of your blog site generalized enough to include more than one topic. As an example if you were going to blog regarding tropical fish, your title could possibly be something concerning exotic fish not regarding a particular fish that is tropical. In this way you can see exactly what tropical fish folks were intending to read about and if there was a great audience of one kind of tropical fish over another.

Can bloggers earn an income online

By doing this you could possibly check the waters, so to speak on what viewers are trying to find. Then you could possibly give them additional of what they desire. Due to the fact that whether you know it or otherwise you need to not utilize your blog simply to attempt to generate income. Do not get me wrong here your blog site should certainly put you in a position to earn an income from blogging, but your top top priority is to the general public. Exactly what does everyone intend to read? Just what is everyone looking for? Give the public exactly what they want and you will certainly obtain visitors, and also with extra visitors the earnings of your blog site will certainly boost.The main key is to provide value with every posts

Earn Income from Blogging

So rather than setting out simply to earn money from your blog, set out, to figure out just what viewers desire. There are lots of programs that you should install on your blogsites that will certainly tell you what individuals in blogosphere are searching for. Do some research on analytics for you blogsite, these programs will tell you just how and why a reader got to your website and also just what took place to get them to leave or stay for a while. INFO, having it could be the distinction between giving the general public what they want as well as you covering exactly what you wish.

Developing more subscribers

In one of the above circumstances your blog will potentially gain even more readers. In the other your blog will certainly set and also get stagnant, from lack of viewers. Which scenario do you as a blog owner prefer, to have the general public thinking about just what you are writing about or you to be the one curious about exactly what you are writing about, in this instance you may be the only person seeing your blog.

So to conclude, do not start a blog simply to earn money, the cash from a blog site will certainly can be found in time with readership. Start a blog site to mention to the world just what you need to say concerning this or that. If you customize your blog site to your visitors you will certainly obtain readers. With a couple of other practices of promoting and the like you are on your method to success. Many True blessings in your Blogging Endeavors.

Blogging for Income (Learn more about blogging and earning an income online)


Jock Tiernan